Department: History


The department offers two graduate level programs in history. The first is a master’s degree through a joint program with the School of Education.  This degree prepares students for New York State certification, which will enable them to teach social studies at the adolescent level (grades 7 – 12). The second leads to an MA in History with a concentration selected by the student in consultation with the faculty.  This degree serves as either a terminal degree or as preparation for historical study on the doctoral level, which students can undertake at other institutions. 

Programs and Courses

•  History - MA 

Program for Teachers of Adolescent Education (Grades 7-12) — Social Studies Master of Arts

See the School of Education section of this catalog for additional information on admission and program requirements.

Administration and Faculty

Department Office:

1512 West Building
(212) 772-5480


Donna Haverty-Stacke
1514 West Building
(212) 772-4412

Graduate Adviser:

Karen M Kern
1518 West Building
(212) 772-5491

Education Adviser Social Studies

Prof. Debbie Sonu

1112 West Building

(212) 772-5445