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The Psychology Department offers two MA degrees in Psychology: one in General Psychology and one in Animal Behavior and Conservation (ABC) as well as a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate program in ABC. These programs reflect the diversity of psychology as a science and profession. Course offerings range from clinical, social, and developmental psychology to animal behavior, biopsychology, and behavioral neuroscience. The General Psychology Program focuses on exposing students to the broad spectrum of approaches and areas in psychology: from behavioral, developmental, cognitive, and social approaches to applied, evaluative, and biological approaches. The Animal Behavior and Conservation Program is designed to provide students with the skills needed for successful careers in animal behavior, conservation and welfare. The department’s faculty members are actively involved in research both with human participants and a variety of animal species. A broad range of applied and research opportunities are available to our students within and beyond the department in the areas of developmental psychology, social psychology, animal behavior, physiological psychology, biopsychology and cognitive psychology. The program’s departmental affiliations with community organizations and wildlife facilities make it possible for students to integrate their academic studies with supervised research experience by means of observational field placements and opportunities for research. The MA programs prepare our graduates for careers in psychology, education, social and welfare services, health services, conservation and animal welfare including work with animals in natural and custodial environments. For many of our students, the MA programs are a first step towards further study at the PhD level.

What can I do with my degree in Psychology?

The growing scientific and public sentiment, awareness, and interest in conservation and animal welfare science and the importance of enrichment for zoo, laboratory, and farm animals, recently reflected in new legislation and in zoo policy, has created a growing need for highly trained scientists and professionals.  The Master’s and Certificate programs in Animal Behavior and Conservation prepare students interested in animal behavior and conservation to develop and enhance their research skills and understanding of the behavior of animals and to acquire credentials for employment in fields related to this field.

The General MA program provides an in-depth background in psychology combined with special training in specific sub-disciplines within psychology to prepare students for careers and specialized training in human resources, medicine, law, nursing, speech pathology, social work, special education, counseling and music, art and dance therapy.

Psychology Programs and Courses 

•  Animal Behavior & Conservation-MA

•  Psychology - MA

•  Psychology of Animal Behavior & Conservation Certificate

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