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The core agenda of the Hunter College Sociology Department is to instruct students in a major that develops critical skills and social awareness and is also part of a broad and rich liberal arts curriculum. The Sociology Department at Hunter College has been built with the comprehensive aim of including most of the various facets of the sociological enterprise, including: theoretical/philosophical sociologists, field and quantitative researchers, criminologists, critical and feminist theorists, specialists in media studies and consumer behavior, micro-sociologists, students of global and international studies, urban studies, and specialists in computer-based research programs.

At Hunter College, our Sociology Department faculty members fulfill a triple mission as teachers, researchers/scholars and as active members of the larger Hunter community. First, as teachers, we take seriously the rich diversity of Hunter’s student body by offering courses that emphasize both local and global perspectives. We use New York City as a “laboratory” in many of our courses at both the undergraduate and master’s levels including “Intro,” urban sociology, quantitative methods and statistics, race/ethnicity, immigration, consumer behavior, criminology and gender studies. We also offer courses on international development and globalization. Our strength in the fields of race/ethnicity and immigration, as well as in a range of other established subfields, allows us to incorporate sociological perspectives with an appreciation of Hunter students’ wonderfully diverse backgrounds and experience. Nearly all the courses that are given in these various specializations are offered on a more or less regular basis and are nearly always fully subscribed since students who are not majors also take our courses in large numbers. Both in our undergraduate and graduate programs, we encourage faculty to develop new electives on a regular basis so as to keep our curriculum up to date and interesting for students.

What can I do with my degree in Sociology?

At the graduate level, our Master of Science in Social Research program is successful at preparing students for careers in applied sociology, and at making it possible for students to secure jobs in the non-profit, governmental and corporate world that may have traditionally been closed to them. The Master’s program (“GSR”) is nationally recognized as a model for integrating the applied with the theoretical in training students for the professional world. Our combined BA/MS Program also gives students who already attend Hunter an opportunity to remain engaged with their studies while becoming integrated into a community of sociologists.

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