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Students Matriculated at Hunter Taking Courses at Other Institutions (EPermit)

Hunter matriculated students in good standing (GPA 3.0) have the option of taking courses at other CUNY colleges on a “EPermit” basis and receiving credit toward their Hunter degree with permission of the graduate adviser. Instructions on permit requirements and procedures are available at Students who would like to enroll in courses at a non-CUNY college should inquire in the OASIS, room 217 North. The student registers at a non-CUNY college as a nonmatriculated student and at the end of the semester requests that a transcript be sent to Hunter College, Attention: Records Division/Permits, Room 223 North Building.

 A schedule of classes, giving the days and times when each gradu­ate course will meet, is published prior to each registration and post­ed on the Office of the Registrar website at

Students Matriculated at Other Colleges of the City University

Students matriculated in a graduate program at any other branch of the City University who want to register for a course or courses at Hunter College are required to use the EPermit System available at Students must register for a CUNY Portal account and complete the EPermit process at this site. Information regarding their Epermit request will be e-mailed to their e-mail address. Deadline dates are available at Tuition payment for courses is made at the student’s home school. Grades will be collected by the City University and forwarded to Hunter College at the end of the semester, once grades become available.

Maintaining Matriculation

A matriculated student who is not registered for any courses but is completing other degree requirements for graduation must complete the registration procedure by registering to maintain matriculation. A student must be registered for the semester of graduation but need not register for any semester during which no work is done toward graduation. The fee cannot be waived or refunded. Maintenance of matriculation is not proof of attendance.

Leaves of Absence

Students who want a leave of absence for a specific period should apply for approval to their graduate adviser. Leaves are approved only for documented disabling illness, maternity, military service, or other unusual circumstances. Leaves may be approved up to a maximum of any two semesters (see “Readmission” in section on Admissions). Leave-of-absence forms may be obtained at ~ forms

Unapproved Leaves

Students failing to register for a regular semester will be dropped automatically from the active student file. If they wish to return, they must apply for readmission. In all cases of nonattendance, students must still observe the time limitations for the master’s degree.

Doctoral Programs

The university-wide doctoral program, centrally supervised by the City University Graduate Center, offers a PhD in the following academic disciplines: anthropology, art history, audiology (AudD), biochemistry, biology, biomedical sciences, business, chemistry, classics, comparative literature, computer science, criminal justice, earth and environmental sciences, economics, education (educational psychology and urban education), engineering, English, French, Germanic languages and literature, Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian literatures, history, linguistics, mathematics, music (PhD, DMA), musical arts, nursing (DNS), philosophy, physics, political science, psychology, public health (DPH), social welfare, sociology, speech and hearing sciences, and theatre. The doctoral faculty is composed of faculty members from the senior colleges who hold CUNY Graduate Center appointments. Doctoral courses are taught at the Graduate Center and on the senior college campuses. The Graduate Center is located at 365 Fifth Avenue, New York NY 10016.
(212) 817-7000