Department: Medical Laboratory Sciences


The Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences offers three graduate programs. The Advanced Certificate in Medical Technology provides an accelerated pathway for students with degrees in chemistry, biology or the physical sciences to meet NYS licensure requirements for clinical laboratory technologists. Clinical laboratory technologists perform analytical tests on patient samples and play an essential role in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. The Advanced Certificate in Cytotechnology prepares students for careers as cytotechnologists. It is offered by Hunter College in collaboration with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Cytotechnologists study cells from the human body to identify diseases, such as cancer, and monitor patient response to therapy. The MS in Biomedical Laboratory Management is intended to provide knowledge and skills needed by clinical laboratory technologists, research assistants and other types of laboratory professionals to transition into managerial positions. This program is offered as a collaboration between the Hunter College Dept. of Medical Laboratory Sciences and the School of Professional Studies, CUNY.

What can I do with my degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences?

The Advanced Certificate in Medical Technology enables students to become NYS licensed clinical laboratory technologists. Clinical laboratory technologists are highly trained professionals that work in a wide range of health related laboratories including hospital and private diagnostic labs. A license is required to work as a clinical laboratory technologist in NYS.

The Advanced Certificate in Cytotechnology is a professionally accredited and NYS licensure qualifying program that prepares graduates for the professional practice of cytotechnology. Graduates work in hospital and private diagnostic laboratories.

The MS in Biomedical Laboratory Management is intended to provide working laboratory professionals with the knowledge and skills to enter positions of leadership in clinical/diagnostic, research, biotechnology, public health and pharmaceutical laboratories. This program is not NYS licensure qualifying for clinical laboratory technologists.

Administration and Faculty


  Steven Einheber
  Brookdale Campus West  700A
  (212) 481-4442, 4502

Graduate Program Director

Robert Raffaniello
Brookdale Campus West 706

Graduate Adviser

Muktar Mahajan
Brookdale Campus West 700
(212) 481-4188