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GEOG-MA - Geography


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Degree Designation

MA - Master of Arts



NYSED Program Code

85081 - GEOG-MA

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The Department of Geography and Environmental Science offers a Master of Arts in Geography with a range of courses in human geography, physical geography, regional geography, and geographic techniques and methods. There are four broad concentration areas: environmental studies, geographic information science, places and cultures, and urban geography studies. The program accommodates students with a variety of professional backgrounds, and with academic training in social sciences, computer science, environmental science / engineering as well as traditional geography. The program emphasizes geographic and social theory and analytical methodologies in human, physical, and environmental geography, as well as geographic information science. A limited number of research, teaching, and college assistantships are available. The MA degree can be completed through either a thesis or exam. Full-time students may be able to complete the MA within three semesters, but the average time for degree completion is three years. Many courses are offered in the evening to accommodate part-time and working students.

An MA in Geography from Hunter can lead to employment with local and national governments, international agencies, non-government organizations, corporations, consultants and information technology companies. The New York area is home to diverse urban communities, dynamic economies and cultures, government structures of all levels (from local to international), and corporate headquarters. Located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Hunter College is close to these activities and is highly accessible from all parts of New York City and surrounding areas. Students who wish to continue graduate work at the PhD level will find themselves well prepared and equipped with the research and technical skills necessary for advanced research.